Experts in processing copper connections

Moretrex’s reality is born in 2009, arising from the history and experience of a well established industrial group on national and European territory. The company offers many levels of products' customization, due to products' flexibility, fulfilling any special request or requirement needed.


Flat and round copper braids – Headed connections and groundstraps – Electromagnetic shields and steel shielding.

Produced with automated single processes to ensure a vety high quality standard.



Our professional operators’ know-how, the excellent maintenance of the machines, and the great attention to details to every step sum up in high quality finished products. We focus on extreme execution care for every piece, as for small orders as to big quantities ones, to satisfy all our clients.


We commit to quick and precise execution of every order, thanks to our production and executive chain. With years of experience we have reached a very well oiled machine, preserving high quality standards, from the single wire to the finished product, to offer the best outcomes, quickly.


We aim to satisfy all our clients’ needs. Depending on requirements, we can craft all our products in different combinations, from number of wires to dimension. Innovation is always possible, and upon specific requests we are up to the task of manufacturing new articles and meeting necessities.