Mass Braid

Single wire can be, by customer’s request, of diameter 0,10 mm or 0,20 mm.

Red copper ground braid

Treccia di massa piatta in rame rosso

Bare copper wire

Bare colour head terminals

Tinned copper grounding braid

Treccia di massa piatta in rame zincato

Tinned copper wire

Tinned colour head terminals


  • Electrolytic copper Cu ETP 5649-71 99,9%
  • Formation: from 24x32x0.10 to 24x400x0. 10 copper wires
  • Section: from 6 mm2 to 75 mm2
  • Elementary wire and terminals can be combined, indifferently, tinned and red
  • Recommended use below the load limit
  • Max temperature in oxidizing atmosphere – Cu: 150°C – Cu Sn: 180°C.

Methods of use

  • Engines
  • Transformers
  • Wire harnesses
  • Electrical panels
  • Safety connections for industrial plants power supply lines

Limitations of use

  • Advised against use with acids.
  • Sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid may be formed in high humidity environments.
  • Monitor maximum temperatures in oxidizing atm.

Copper Tinplating

Electrolytic galvanic treatment plastered in layers upon a metallic surface. All layers have different thickness to encase evenly the metal surface.

Tin is very pliant, flexible and corrosion resistant, alloying easily with other types of metal. Its main function is to protect: the tin creates a barrier to shield the layered material from corrosion and oxidation.

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Safety standards and certifications

All our copper connections and conductors meet the highest safety standards